Fusion of Land and Catastro Registries Details


Legislation has been passed to allow for the use of Catastro registry plans by the numerous land registries that exist covering different areas of Spain.

As matters stand, the land registries do not issue plans with land registry entries that are applied for and all descriptions of boundaries are verbal in nature. This often means that ascertaining the exact boundary of a property is an impractical task as much of the information relating to properties held at land registries especially in rural areas is often historic in nature and often inaccurate.

In comparison the Catastro registry, which deals with the issue of liability to pay property taxes, does produce plans for every single property albeit the details contained do not necessarily correlate with what is stated verbally at the land registry.

The legislation represents a logical attempt to allow an element of merger between the two registry systems dealing with property in Spain although only time will tell if such an approach proves both useful and successful.