Holiday Lettings Now Regulated in Andalucia


2016 brings with it new legislation obliging owners of property in Andalucia, who rent out on a short term basis to holidaymakers, to register on a special tourist apartment register maintained by the Regional Government “Junta de Andalucia”. Failure to do so leaves the owner at risk of the imposition of a heavy fine if caught.

The regulations will apply to all owners renting out holiday accommodation, whether the reservations are taken via internet and other intermediaries or not, and will impose an obligation to maintain the property to a minimum standard to include external ventilation, air conditioning, adequate furniture, bedding and towels, kitchen facilities, etc. and to register the personal passport details of occupiers of the property with the police.

The provision of such accommodation has grown enormously in recent years over  the internet and most regions of Spain have introduced legislation over the past couple of years, in part due to pressure from the hotel industry who regard it as unfair competition. Equally the government is conscious that large amounts of rental money received from tourists go undeclared for tax purposes and believe that the new law should reduce the extent of tax evasion in this sector of the economy.